Below is a list of features / tasks that need to be done.

  • Improve the debugger.
    • Add support for local variables.
  • Create a better/fancier logo
  • Implement the disassembler further.
  • Implement Mac OSX support and add a mac 64-bit example project.
  • Add Windows support and add a windows 64-bit example project.
  • Improve the fuzzer tool that can generate random source code to stress the compiler.
  • Complete the fortran frontend. The ppci.lang.fortran module contains a start.
  • Complete the C frontend, The ppci.lang.c module contains an attempt.
  • Complete the pascal frontend.
  • Add a peephole optimizer.
  • Complete the front-end for LLVM IR-code, this way, the front-end of LLVM can be used and the backend of ppci.
  • Add a backend for LLVM IR-code.
  • Add better support for harvard architecture cpu’s like avr, 8051 and PIC.