Memory layout

The memory layout can be used to define memory layout. It is similar to a linker script, but less flexible.

Module reference

class ppci.binutils.layout.Align(alignment)

Align the current position to the given byte

class ppci.binutils.layout.EntrySymbol(symbol_name)

Specify the entry symbol of this file.

class ppci.binutils.layout.Layout

Defines a layout for the linker to be used

static load(file)

Load a layout from file

class ppci.binutils.layout.LayoutLexer

Lexer for layout files

class ppci.binutils.layout.Memory(name)

Specification of how a memory may look like and what it contains.

class ppci.binutils.layout.Section(section_name)

Insert a section here

class ppci.binutils.layout.SectionData(section_name)

Insert only the data of a section here, not the section itself


Get a layout from object or file