Release procedureΒΆ

This is more a note to self section on how to create a new release.

  1. Determine the version numbers of this release and the next.

  2. Switch to the release branch and merge the default branch into the release branch.

    $ hg update release
    $ hg merge default
    $ hg commit
  3. Check the version number in ppci/

  4. Make sure all tests pass and fix them if not.

    $ tox
  5. Tag this release with the intended version number and update to this tag.

    $ hg tag x.y.z
    $ hg update x.y.z
  6. Package and upload the python package. The following command creates a tar gz archive as well as a wheel package.

    $ python sdist bdist_wheel upload
  7. Switch back to the default branch and merge the release branch into the default branch.

    $ hg update default
    $ hg merge release
    $ hg commit
  8. Increase the version number in ppci/

  9. Update docs/changelog.rst